Ground Breaking Technology for Teaching Math

Foundation is an inexpensive app for teaching Math in every grade from 1 to 12.

With Foundation, you can:

  • Quickly demonstrate the meaning behind Numeracy and Math Notation.
  • Build and calculate any Math expression or equation.
  • Remove the abstraction from learning Algebra.
  • Give students early and extensive experience with variables.
  • Provide an early stepping stone to Algebra.
  • Provide a conceptual bridge between Numeracy and Math Notation.

Foundation screenshot with virtual manipulatives

Foundation allows you to demonstrate the meaning behind algebraic formulae by using virtual manipulatives. Two relevant documents can help you learn more about Foundation: the Teacher guide and a paper with videos describing the Pilot Project and its pedagogy. The Windows app also has a free one-week trial. Download either document or the Foundation App:
Download Foundation for $10 Teacher Guide Pilot Project



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We expect the redesigned and expanded version of Foundation in Release 2.0 to be implemented in the early months of 2017.

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Pilot Project

Foundation helps students cope with Mathematical abstraction from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Success was demonstrated in an 18-month Grades 1/2 pilot project. It is an important mathematical discovery.

In the pilot project, Foundation was motivating, engaging and easy to understand and learn. It worked with existing lesson plans and helped prepare students for mathematical exercises on paper. It was a powerful introduction to the physical manipulatives students used as well as the paperwork they did.

This paper describes, with videos, the results of the pilot project. It uses material that was contained in papers delivered at conferences. It includes some useful examples of lessons given.

The authors:   Don Watson, Lakehead University (retired) and Rachel Le Neve, Lambton Kent District School Board (retired).

Read “Unlocking Mathematics for All Students”

Teacher Guide

A visual Teacher Guide is available online to help educators to get comfortable with Foundation and all that it offers.

Short videos demonstrate Foundation in the Teacher Guide, making it possible to appreciate the value of Foundation’s concrete movement across the screen. Exercises follow many of the demonstrations, so that Foundation can be experienced.

Use the visual Teacher Guide